Our Method

Our standard one-hour class can be divided into four sections and can be expanded, decreased, or modified based on the age, skill and abilities of our students. Each class includes the following elements:

Warm-up (5 minutes)
These are standard warm–up exercises that promote blood-flow and warm the body.

Sword cutting drills (20 minutes)
This is the core of the Sword and Stone Wellness™ class and consists of learning the three basic sword cuts in Asian martial arts. The basic cuts are the straight cut, the horizontal cut and the diagonal cut. The final sequence, which involves all three cuts, promotes core strength, balance and concentration.

Sword movements (20 minutes)
Once the traditional cuts are mastered, students will learn basic sword movements based on traditional martial arts forms that replicate multi-directional attacks. The movements include progressively more complicated stepping, lunging, and blocking techniques.

Traditional striking and blocking drills (10 minutes)
Punching drills are based on traditional striking and blocking exercises, but are done while grasping a 1lb rounded river stone. The exercises are designed to build core strength and improve concentration. 

Meditation and fine motor training (5 minutes)
Using Chinese exercise balls, our students perform manual dexterity exercises to improve fine motor skills and increase concentration. To further define these skills, our students are given smaller pieces of petrified wood and pebbles to perform progressively more difficult hand manipulation exercises.

Eye-Hand Coordination
Advanced students may use the Bokken training sword to perform candle-extinguishing exercises to improve concentration and promote relaxation.